The name Cloth + Stone represents the pairing of two differing, yet complementary elements of design: strength and boldness, softness and elegance. This symbiosis is emblematic of our consulting approach, our skill sets and the multi-faceted way in which we work. With a proven partnership of capabilities, we simultaneously curate beautiful and expressive schemes, while controlling schedules and budgets. We are measured on inspired creativity, but also on project deliverables.

As a boutique interior design firm, our focus is on exemplary quality, unwavering professionalism and solution-based creativity.  Our projects are underpinned by elegant craftsmanship, reliable materials and product integrity. And at the core of all of our work is the connection we form with our clients - a collaboration that demonstrates a firm understanding of their needs, and helps them unearth their unique style while enriching the way they live.


Paula Fletcher

Prior to establishing her own interior design business  Paula spent years in the financial services industry, where her exceptional skills in Project Management were honed. Today, her portfolio spans the design and management of both residential and commercial interior projects, with clients who find confidence and comfort in her inherent values of open communication and accountability. Harnessing her innate creativity, she relishes the opportunity to use clever design to deliver inspired solutions for her clients.

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Kate Hardy

From managing diverse interiors projects, writing magazine articles to drawing up bespoke joinery - Kate’s consulting style is founded on an eye for detail and a belief that tailored, client-led design can create a sense of wellbeing and purpose. With this in mind, together with a passion for promoting Australian-made products and use of refined materials, Kate develops a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and style to create timeless interiors that strike a balance between beauty and comfort.